Upon The Places High Is Slain

Upon the places high is slain
The flow’r of Israel.
How are the mighty fallen down:
In Gath this never tell:
Nor shew’t in streets of Askelon,
Lest Philistines rejoyce,
Lest daughters of th’ uncircumcis’d
Should make triumphant noise.

Ye mountains high of Gilboah
Left there be never dew.
Nor rain, nor fields of offerings
Let ever be on you.
For there the mighty one his shield
Receiv’d disgraceful foil:
The shield of Saul, as he had not
Anointed been with oyl.

The bow of Jon’than did not turn
Back from the blood of slain,
From fat of mighty, and Saul’s sword
Did not return in vain.
Most lovely Saul and Jonathan,
And pleasant did abide
Whilst they did live and in their death
Them nothing did divide

They swifter than the eagles were,
The lions did excell
In strength. O weep ye over Saul,
Daughters of Israel.
Who did in scarlet you array,
With deckings manifold,
Who did on your apparel lay
The ornaments of gold.

In midst of the fierce battle how,
The mighty fallen lie.
O Jonathan cut off wast thou,
Upon thy places high!
O thou my brother Jonathan,
I am diftress’d for theem
A loving dear companion
Thou hast been unto me.

Thy love to me in wonder past
The love of women far:
How are the mighty fallen, and waste
The weapons are of war!