Uprising From The Darksome Tomb

See the victorious Jesus come,
Rising triumphant from the tomb,
Th’ Almighty conqueror quits the prison;
And angels tell the Lord is risen.
Angels, angels, angels, angels,
And angels tell the Lord is risen.

Ye guilty souls that groan and grieve,
Hear the glad tidings, hear and live;
God’s righteous law is satisfied,
And justice now is on your side.
Justice,justice, justice, justice,
And justice no is on your side.

Your Surety, thus released by God,
Pleads the rich ransom of his blood,
No new demand, no bar remains;
But mercy now triumphant reigns.
Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy,
But mercy now triumphant reigns.

Believers, hail your rising Head,
See Jesus coming from the dead,
Your resurrection’s sure, through his,
To endless life,and boundless bliss.
Endless, endless, endless, endless,
To endless life, and boundless bliss.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,