Upward Ever Upward Glad Allegiance Bring

Upward, ever upward,
Glad allegiance bring;
Forward, still advancing,
Guided by our King;
Seeking heights of blessing,
Now to us unknown;
Seeking greater bounties
From the heav’nly throne.

Onward, upward!
Jesus is calling today;
Onward upward!
Joyfully trusting Him,
Heartily serving Him;
Onward, upward!
Doing His will as we pray;
Till in His glorious palace we sing
And greet Him our Saviour King.

Upward, ever upward,
Christ has gone before,
To His mounts of vision,
Calling evermore;
Upward, in a service,
Loving, full and free;
Pressing on with gladness,
Where His steps we see. [Refrain]

Upward, ever upward,
Ev’ry trustful soul!
Forward, tho’ before us,
Mighty billows roll!
God will open pathways
Thro’ the surging waves;
In the midst of danger,
Jesus rules and saves! [Refrain]

Upward, ever upward,
Leave the vale below,
For the brighter summits,
With His light aglow;
Helping up another,
With a ready hand;
“Come up, higher,” Christians!
‘Tis the Lord’s command. [Refrain]