Upward Through The Mists Of Morning

Upward, through the mists of morning,
Ere the day dawns clear and bright,
All my thoughts to Thee are turning,
Great Creator of the light.

Looking, looking unto Thee,
God and Father over all;
Let Thy light supremely bright,
O’er my pathway fall.

When the heat of noontide quickens
Hill and vale, and restless sea;
In the brightness of Thy glory,
I am still discerning Thee. [Refrain]

In the hush of night I know Thee,
In the dim and silent place,
While the all-prevailing shadows
Gather darkly o’er its space. [Refrain]

Thee, at morning, noon or evening,
Shining clear, and e’er so bright;
Thee, my grateful soul discerneth,
God of gods and Light of light. [Refrain]