Upward Toils The Eager Pilgrim

Upward toils the eager pilgrim,
Pressing onward to his home,
Now in sunshine, now in shadow-
But the perfect day will come.

Yes, the pathway groweth brighter,
Groweth brighter all the way,
As it nears the heav’nly city,
And the realms of endless day.

Oft the way is rough and thorny,
And the pilgrim’s feet are bare,
But his Lord hath once passed o’er it,
Leaving shining footprints there. [Refrain]

Oft he journeys thro’ the valley,
And the night seems dark and long,
But the joy that comes with morning,
Turns his sorrows into song. [Refrain]

Sometimes too, from mount or hilltop,
His enraptured eyes behold,
Gleaming in the sunset glory,
Gates of pearl and streets of gold! [Refrain]

Soon he’ll cross the mystic river,
And on yonder peaceful shore,
All his weary wand’rings ended,
Dwell with Jesus evermore. [Refrain]