Urge On Your Rapid Course

Urge on your rapid course,
Ye blood-besprinkled bands;
The heavenly kingdom suffers force;
‘Tis seized by violent hands.

See there the starry crown
That glitters through the skies;
Satan, the world, and sin tread down,
And take the glorious prize.

Through much distress and pain,
Through many a conflict here,
Through blood ye must the entrance gain,
Yet, oh, disdain to fear.

Courage, your Captain cries,
Who all your toil foreknew;
Toil ye shall have, yet all despise;
I have o’ercome for you.

The world can not withstand
Its ancient Conqueror;
The world must sink beneath the Hand
Which arms us for the war.

This is the victory-
Before our faith they fall;
Jesus hath died for you and me;
Believe, and conquer all.