Use Us As Channels Blessed Lord

Use us as channels, blessed Lord, we pray,
That we Thy grace to others may convey;
Filled with Thy Spirit, strengthened hour by hour,
Make us, O Saviour, channels of Thy pow’r.

Channels of blessing, use us ev’ry hour,
Channels of blessing, Thine be the pow’r;
Thine is the kingdom, Thine the glory be,
Channels of blessing we would ever be.

Use us as channels, from Thy holy place,
Pour on our hearts new measures of Thy grace;
Thy intercessions, Saviour, may we share;
Make us the channels of prevailing pray’r. [Refrain]

Viewing the triumphs of Thy saving might,
Chasing the darkness with the heav’nly light;
For all Thy mercies grateful thanks we raise,
Glad service render, channels of Thy praise. [Refrain]