Vain Foolish Men Profanely Boast

Vain foolish Men profanely boast
Of God and true Religion:
Their faithless Hearts are full of Lust,
Their Life’s a Contradiction:
Corrupted is their very Frame;
God’s Holiness abhors the same;
There’s None doth Good, but Evil.

II. The Lord, from his coelestial Throne,
Look’d down on evr’y Creature,
To find one Man who had begun
To love God’s holy Nature;
But ll the Race was gone astray,
All had forsook the saving Way
Of CHRIST’S bright Revelation.

III. How long will they be ignorant
Of their Abomination,
Who thus despise my Covenant,
Nor spare my Holy Nation?
They never call upon the Lord,
But trust unto their golden Hoard,
And turn their own Defenders.

IV. Yet are their Hearts in constant Pain,
And secret Fear and Trembling.
God with his SION will remain,
Where Saints are still assembling:
But you deride the Poors’ Advice,
Their greatest Comfort you despise,
That God’s their only Refuge.

V. O, that the joyful Day wou’d come,
To change our mournful Station,
When God will bring his Children home,
And finish our Salvation!
Then shall the Tribes of JACOB sing,
And JUDAH praise their Lord and King,
With lasting HALLELUJAHS.