Vanish Doubt And Hesitation

Vanish doubt and hesitation!
My Redeemer is the Lord.
Hearken to His invitation
By the Spirit and the Word.
Clearly He perceives thy anguish;
O my soul, why longer languish!
Although I am weak and ill,
God remains my Father still.

He will pity and relieve me,
Who can then condemn my soul?
Satan and the world deceive me,
Jesus Christ will make me whole.
Why, then, should my heart accuse me,
Or my conscience still confuse me?
God the Father makes me free,
And His Spirit comforts me.

Jesus Christ for me has suffered,
And by faith He is my own.
Satisfaction He has offered,
And the way to heaven shown.
Through His full propitiation
I have free and full salvation.
He has conquered death and hell;
He has thus made all things well.

In His merit now confiding,
I look up to Him with joy;
For His promise is abiding–
Who can now my peace destroy?
Weal nor woe shall e’er deprive me
Of the portion that He gave me.
My Redeemer, Lord divine,
I am Thine, forever Thine.