Vast Are Thy Works Almighty Lord

Vast are thy works, almighty Lord!
All nature rests upon thy word.
Thy glories in the heav’ns we see;
The spacious earth is full of thee.

The various tribes of creatures stand,
Waiting their portions from thy hand;
And, while they take their diff’rent food,
Their cheerful looks pronounce thee good.

Whene’er thy face is hid, they mourn,
And, dying, to their dust return;
Both man and beast their souls resign;
Life, breath, and spirit, all are thine.

Yet thou canst breathe on dust again,
And fill the world with beasts and men.
A word of thy creating breath
Repairs the wastes of time and death.

The earth stands trembling at thy stroke,
And at thy touch the mountains smoke.
Yet humble souls may see thy face,
And tell their wants to sov’reign grace.

In thee my hopes and wishes meet,
And make my meditations sweet.
I to my God, my heav’nly King,
Immortal hallelujahs sing.