Vesper Bells Are Ringing

Vesper bells are ringing,
Peace and comfort bringing;
Songs of praise thro’ the days,
Jesus unto Thee;
Sweet they tell the story
Of Thy grace and glory;
Sweetest of all melody,
Christ my Saviour died for me.

Altogether lovely,
Is our King of Glory;
Sing His praise in sweetest lays,
Our glorious King of kings.

Like sweet music falling,
Still I hear Him calling;
And his voice says, Rejoice;
Bids us looks to Him;
Altogether lovely
Is my Blessed Saviour;
And, from sin to set me free,
Long ago He die for me. [Refrain]

Heav’nly harps are ringing,
Angel voices singing
From above, songs of love,
Jesus, unto Thee;
Altogether lovely,
Chief among ten thousand;
Sweetest of all melody;
Christ my Saviour died for me. [Refrain]