Visit Us Lord

Visit us, Lord, with revival:
Stricken with coldness and death
Where is our hope of survival,
Save in Thy life-giving breath?

Lord, send us revival!
Let it begin now in me!
Gladly dethroning each rival,
Yield I my heart unto Thee.

Sinners in proud exultation,
Lust of the flesh and the eye,
Bent on the soul’s desecration
God and His people defy.

Turning aside into byways,
Letting their ardor grow cold,
Many are leaving the highways
Trod by our fathers of old.

O for the breath of the Spirit!
O for the might of His sword,
Leading us on to inherit
All that in Jesus is stored.

Surely ’tis time for revival;
Surely soon dawneth the day;
Soon shall we hail its arrival,
Chasing the shadows away!