Voices Happy Voices

Voices, happy voices,
In the Sunday school I heard;
I hurried along, and I chanced to see
A youthful band, and they said to me,
“Why will you linger? Why will you stay?
Turn from your pastime, turn from you play.

O come to the Sunday school,
O come to the Sunday school;
We are singing, singing glad songs of praise,
We are singing, singing glad songs of praise.

Voices, happy voices,
On the gentle summer breeze;
How sweetly they come to the wanderer’s heart,
And bid the tear of repentance start;
List to the chorus; what does it say?
“Turn form your pastime, turn from your play.” [Refrain]

Voices, happy voices,
From the Sunday school arise;
The erring they lead to the path of right,
And make the soul of the mourner bright,
Telling of rapture, telling of rest,
Pointing to Zion, home of the blest. [Refrain]