Voices Of Gladness Are Singing

Voices of gladness are singing,
Jubilant bells now are ringing,
Love, a rich blessing is bringing,
On the holy Sabbath day.

On the holy Sabbath Day,
The holy Sabbath Day,
The blessed time when the Saviour rose,
The pearly gates unclose
And the joy-bells sweetly chime,
The joy-bells sweetly chime,
They chime, chime, chime, chime,
The joy-bells sweetly chime.

Strength for the needs of the morrow,
Comfort for trial and sorrow,
Light from its glory we borrow,
On the holy Sabbath day. [Refrain]

Christ, to our spirits seems nearer,
Brightness eternal grows clearer,
Calvary’s story is dearer
On the holy Sabbath day. [Refrain]

Pledge of the rest still remaining,
Where there’s no sin nor complaining,
Glimpses of Heaven we’re gaining
On the holy Sabbath day. [Refrain]