Volunteers Are Needed Now To March Away

Volunteers are needed,
Now to march away,
There’s a world to conquer
For our Lord today;
Volunteers for Jesus,
Heroes, one and all,
Christ Himself is calling,
Hear and heed the call.

Volunteers, volunteers,
Willing, brave and true;
Hear the blessed Master calling,
Calling now for you?
Volunteers, Volunteers,
Loyal, brave and free;
Will you gladly answer,
Lord, I’ll go for Thee.

Volunteers are needed,
Loyal hearts and brave,
Quick to take the message,
“Jesus came to save!”
And the Master, watching,
Sees if you are true.
Don’t you hear Him calling,
Calling now for you? [Refrain]

Volunteers are needed,
Onward for the right;
Carry forth the Gospel
Into Heathen night,
Jesus’ banner waving
Till it is unfurled
Over ev’ry nation,
Over all the world! [Refrain]