Volunteers Are Wanted Hear The Stirring

Volunteers are wanted! hear the stirring call,
O be swift to answer, comrades one and all;
Girding on your armor, haste to march away,
For the Lord is calling, “to the front today!”

Away to the battle-field, away, away!
The King calls for soldiers in his ranks today,
Hear the bugle calling into line be falling,
Forth to the battle-field, away, away!

Volunteers are wanted! valiant men and true,
In the ranks, my brother, there is room for you;
Christ is the commander, let us all obey
When he gives the order, “to the front today!” [Refrain]

Volunteers are wanted! for on land and sea
Satan’s starving bondmen clamor to be free;
Hasten to their rescue, if you still delay
Blood-bought souls must perish, to the front today! [Refrain]

Volunteers are wanted! on the battle-plain
Soldiers brave are falling, ne’er to fight again;
Who will take their places in the deadly fray?
Who will march with Jesus to the front today? [Refrain]

Volunteers are wanted! let the ranks be filled,
Soon the din of battle will in peace be stilled;
See! the clouds are lifting, soon they’ll clear away,
Glory gilds the heights along the front today. [Refrain]