Wafting Him Up On High

Wafting Him up on high,
The glorious cloud receives
The LORD of Immortality,
And earth the Victor leaves:
The Heavenly People raise the strain,
The Apostles pour the hymn again;-
GOD of our Fathers, Thou art blest

Ye faithful, tell your joys!
All hearts with gladness bound!
GOD is gone up with a merry noise,-
The LORD with the trumpet’s sound!
To Him we cry, by woes once tried,
Now glorious at the FATHER’s side,-
GOD of our Fathers, Thou art blest!

Zealous for GOD of yore,
With zeal still Moses burns:
“Come, Heavenly Spirits, and adore
The Victor Who returns;
Rise, Angel legions, rise and sing
The ancient hymn to greet the King,-
GOD of our Fathers, Thou art blest!”

Joined with the trumpet-peal, the din and shout,
Cornet flute, sackbut, dulcimer rang out,
And bade adore the golden deity:
The SPIRIT’s gentler voice gives praise to Thee,
O co-eternal One-O consubstantial Three!

Hymns of the Eastern Church,