Waiting Mid The Shadows Patient Faithful

Waiting ‘mid the shadows, patient, faithful still;
Doing and enduring my good Master’s will,
Waiting till the trial shall my soul refine,
Till the clouds shall scatter, and the sun shall shine.

Waiting ‘mid the shadows, ’tis my Master’s will,
Waiting ‘mid the shadows, watching, waiting still.

Waiting ‘mid the shadows, while thro’ gates of dawn,
Triumphing, rejoicing, my beloved have gone;
Vacant in the homestead shall their place remain,
But beyond the shadows we shall meet again. [Refrain]

Waiting ‘mid the shadows, yet not all alone,
Thou art my companion, bright and holy One:
Thou amidst the desert, fountains hast unsealed,
Showing me thro’ darkness glories unreveal’d. [Refrain]

Waiting ‘mid the shadows, thro’ the lonely years,
Breaking bread in sorrow moisten’d with my tears:
Restless on my pillow, till the dawning gray,
Waiting one who wipeth all my tears away. [Refrain]