Waiting Through The Stillness

Waiting through the stillness
For the lifting of the song;
Waiting in the shadows,
Till the sunshine comes along.

For the blessing cometh surely,
Even tho’ it tarries late;
And they also serve, right truly,
Who only stand and wait.

Waiting, calm and ready,
Till we hear the Saviour’s call;
Waiting, thro’ life’s myst’ry,
For the meaning of it all.

For the thorny road we’re treading,
Leading upward, sure and straight;
And we also serve, right truly,
If we only stand and wait.

Waiting love’s renewal
Thro’ the pain of parting now;
Waiting thro’ the tumult,
With God’s peace upon our brow.

For the lifetime in the future;
Shall be free from fear and hate,
And they also serve, in this word,
Who only stand and wait.

Waiting far-off plenty,
Working on, with empty hands,
Waiting, patient, hopeful,
Tho’ the present mocking stands.

For the things we weep and pray for
Lie inside of heaven’s gate,
Rich and ready for the crowning,
Of those who stand and wait.