Wake All Musics Magic Powers

Wake all music’s magic powers,
On this blissful morning,
Born today, the Child is ours,
Theme of Prophet’s warning:
Giant in the race He towers,
Toil and danger scorning.

O that blessed going out
Which salvation brought about.
O that blessed going out,
Which salvation brought about

Let this glorious holiday
Find such holy spending
That the simple-hearted may
Joy without offending,
And sweet charity may stay,
With our concourse blending, [Refrain]

Give we glory to this Feast,
For man’s restoration;
Now the guilty is released,
Freed from condemnation;
By the widow’s son deceased,
See Elisha’s station! [Refrain]

O how bright is this day made,
Day with radiance glowing,
Which the Light of Light displayed,
Light in darkness shewing;
Chasing thus death’s gloomy shade,
Brightness o’er us throwing! [Refrain]

Risen today in spendour bright,
Shining to all ages,
Beams the Sun, whose distant light
Touched the Prophet’s pages;
Now, to end the reign of night,
Christ His power engages. [Refrain]