Wake Arise A Voice Appalling

Wake, arise! a voice appalling
In solemn majesty is calling
To all the deeps of earth and sea.
Wake, arise, ye dead unnumbered,
That in your silent graves have slumbered,
Released from toil and agony.
God’s voice is heard at last;
The night of death is past,
Day is dawning,
The Lord’s great day,
That dreadful day,
When judgment shall be passed for aye.

Earth and sea and sky shall tremble,
The angels of the Lord assemble,
When Christ in glory comes again.
Mountains fall, and deeps are yawning
When in eternity’s dread dawning
He comes to judge the sons of men.
There shall be joy and tears,
And hope shall blend with fears,
But the faithful
Shall enter bold
The Shepherd’s fold,
And all receive their crowns of gold.

Christ, Thy coming all shall gladden
Who in Thy footsteps here have trodden
Upon Thy thorny path below.
Palms for thorns shall then be given;
And, waiting for the joys of heaven,
Contented to my grave I go.
The little while I sleep,
Thy angels vigil keep,
Till Thou comest
My soul to wake
And, for Thy sake,
My spirit into bliss to take.