Wake Arise The Voice Is Calling

“Wake, arise!” the voice is calling;
The watchman’s voice on quick ear falling,
“Jerusalem, awake, arise!
For the midnight hour is fleeting;”
So with clear voice, they stand repeating:
“O where are ye, ye virgins wise;
The bridegroom is at hand,
Take up your lamps and stand!
Each wedding guest
Fit for the feast,
Arise, go forth to meet your Lord.”

Zion hears the watchman’s singing,
And now with joyous heart upspringing,
She stands and on the call attends.
Her Friend comes from heaven glorious,
Strong in His grace, in truth victorious;
Her light shines bright, her star ascends.
“Now come, thou Blessed One,
Lord Jesus, God’s own Son.”
We enter all
The banquet hall,
And feast there with our heavenly King.

“Glory unto Thee be given,
By men and by the host of heaven,
With harps and with the cymbals’ tone.
Twelve pearls are Thy city’s portals,
Wherein we dwell with the immortals,
With angels high around Thy throne.
No eye hath seen such sight,
No ear heard such delight,
Thine hour is this,
O Heavenly Bliss,
Thine now, and shall be evermore!”