Wake Brothers Wake

Wake, brothers, wake, the dawn is now appearing,
Light o’er the earth makes all so bright and cheering;
Loud sound the cry-the conflict now is nearing-
For God and the right.

On to the field, the foe is there before us,
Strike for our cause, and sing aloud our chorus,
Point to the flag that waves in triumph o’er us;
Jesus is our king.

March, comrades, march, the foe is drawing nearer,
Look o’er the field-their legions showing clearer,
Armed for the fray-O what have we that’s dearer
Than God and His cause? [Refrain]

Stand, soldiers, stand, the foe is growing bolder,
Raise up the cross, and shoulder put to shoulder;
Shout for our king, nor let our love grow colder,
For God and His truth. [Refrain]

Cheer, Christians, cheer, the word at last is spoken,
Hell and its host no longer stand unbroken,
Victory is ours-be this our only token:
In God is our trust. [Refrain]