Walk Beside Me O My Savior

Walk beside me, O my Savior,
While life’s morning sky is bright;
Grant me now thy loving favor,
Flood my path with heav’nly light
Whether good or ill betide me,
Whether skies be dark or clear,
Ever stay so close beside me
I may know and feel thee near.

Blessed Savior, walk with me,
Take away all anxious fear;
Ever stay so close beside me,
I may know and feel thee near.

When the noontide’s glowing splendor
Brings its weight of toil and care,
May thy love, so pure and tender,
All my heavy burdens bear!
In a weary land, provide me
Sheltering rock and cooling spring;
When the tempest rages, hide me
Underneath thy folded wing. [Refrain]

When the twilight shades, descending,
Warn my soul that night is near,
With the hues of sunset blending,
Let the light of heaven appear,
Through the valley, Savior, take me,
Close my eyes when night shall come,
Then bid angel voices wake me,
Sweetly singing, “Welcome home.” [Refrain]