Walk Thou With Me Nor Let My Footsteps

Walk Thou with me, nor let my footsteps stray
Apart from Thee, throughout life’s threat’ning way;
Be Thou my Guide, the path I cannot see;
Close to Thy side, Lord, let me walk with Thee.

Dear Savior, let me trust my hand in Thine,
And let me know Thy steps are guiding mine;
Life’s changing way is ofttimes dark to me,
I fear no ill if I may walk with Thee.

Through weary years my way hath miry been;
My bitter tears Thy pitying eye hath seen;
My fainting heart hath heard Thy voice divine;
My trembling hand asks but to rest in Thine. [Refrain]

No earthly foe can give my spirit fear;
No threat’ning woe can quail when Thou art near;
No tempter’s snare can turn my steps aside;
For in Thy care, I’m safe whate’er betide. [Refrain]