Walking Close To Jesus Feeding On His Wo

Walking close to Jesus,
Feeding on His word,
Active in His service,
I His voice have heard;
Mine His peace and blessing,
Sheltered in His love,
Walking with my Savior,
T’ward the home above.

Close, to my Savior,
Strong in His love,
Nearer to the mansions,
To the home that waits above.

Sometimes ‘mid the shadows
Doth He lead me on,
But with Him beside me,
Ev’ry fear is gone;
Clinging still more closely
To His nail-pierced hand,
Jesus leads me onward
To Immanuel’s land. [Refrain]

Walking close to Jesus,
‘Mid the storm or sun,
I am His forever,
Till life’s toil is done;
In His name I’ll labor,
Labor as I wait,
Till with joy I enter
Heaven’s pearly gate. [Refrain]