Walking Each Day In The Heavenly Light

Walking each day in the heav’nly light,
I am free, free indeed,
Calvary’s waters have wash’d me white,
And I am free indeed.
Free from the fetters of fear and sin;
Free from the evil that dwelt within;
Christ hath my mighty Deliverer been,
And I am free indeed.

Free, I am free indeed,
Praise the Lord, I am free indeed.
God’s own dear Son has my ransom paid,
My soul is free indeed.

Naught for myself had I pow’r to do
To be free, free indeed,
Jesus must save me, and cleanse me too
E’er I was free indeed.
Burdened, and wretched, and blind and lame,
Just as I was to His cross I came,
There He accepted me, praise His name,
And made me free indeed. [Refrain]

Gladly I toil for His safe each day
Free in Him, free indeed,
Striving to serve Him in truth alway
Who makes me free indeed.
Lord, thro’ the freedom Thou givest me,
Helper me to lead fettered souls to Thee,
Do for them then, as Thou hast for me
And make them free indeed. [Refrain]