Walking In Love On My Journey I Go

Walking in love, on my journey I go,
Careful for nothing but how I may show
How much I love Him who gives me His peace,
Signing in crimson the sinner’s release.

Walking in love;
Are you walking in love,
Step keeping step to the music above?
Glory, and blessing, salvation and might,
This is their song, in the land of delight.

Walking in love, I am finding suppliers
Sweet, and so fresh from the prayer-opened skies,
Strengthened with mighty by His glorious grace,
Patient and joyful His will I embrace. [Refrain]

Love never faileth, its springs are on high;
Hearts ‘neath the fountain can never be dry,
Brim over fullness so costly, so free,
Seeks for a channel thro’ you and thro’ me. [Refrain]

Walking in love is but walking with God;
Saints of all ages, this pathway have trod,
Quick’ning their pace let the bright hour of ev’n,
Sweeping along thro’ the gates into heav’n. [Refrain]