Walking In The Light Of God

Walking in the light of God,
As it shines throughout his word,
There’s a bright and shining path the way along;
And a path that would be drear,
Shines with glory, O so clear!
That the heart rejoices in a song.

We are walking in the light,
We are walking in the light;
Walking in the narrow way,
To the realms of endless day,
We are walking in the light of God.

Often weary, often sad,
Yet the soul is ever glad,
For the light of God the cheerfulness supplies;
So we walk where’er he leads,
Thro’ the vale or mountain meads,
Where new glories greet our wearies eyes. [Refrain]

Till we reach the summit high,
And behold the glorious sky,
With its radiant light that comes from heaven’s dome;
We shall trust in God our King,
And press onward, while we sing
Of the glories of our heav’nly home. [Refrain]