Walking With Jesus O How Delightful

Walking with Jesus, O how delightful!
Leaning upon him day after day;
Beauties anew to me are unfolding,
As to my soul he talks by the way.

Walking with Jesus, safe in his shelter
Kept by his pow’r, upheld by his grace;
Never to leave him, never to wander,
Until in heav’n I look on his face.

Walking with Jesus, fearing no evil!
Thus we together journey along;
Brighter the sunshine, lighter the burden,
Clearer the sight, and sweeter the song. [Refrain]

Walking with Jesus, onward and upward,
Dreading no danger, fearing no foe;
Blessings I need he showers upon me,
As with rejoicing onward I go. [Refrain]