Walking With My Savior Clinging Only To

Walking with my Saviour, clinging only to the cross;
Bathing in the blood that purified from dross;
For His blessed knowledge counting all besides but loss-
Jesus has His way with me.

His power has made me what I ought to be!
His blood now sanctified, and sets me free.
His love fills all my soul, and I can see.
‘Tis best for Him to have His way with me.

Though the waves of sorrow in great surges o’er me roll,
Though the powers of hell be loosed ‘gainst my soul,
Nothing can affright me, for my Saviour has control,
Jesus has His way with me. [Refrain]

In the shelter of His love I find the sweetest rest;
Trusting in His word I am supremely blest;
Grace sufficient He supplies for each recurring test,
Jesus has His way with me. [Refrain]

So, without a doubt or fear, along life’s way I go;
In the fiercest fight I conquer every foe;
Only good can come to me, for this I surely know,
Jesus has His way with me. [Refrain]