Wanderer Come Home You Are

Wand’rer, come home; you are slighting a Saviour,
Pleading for you with his Father on high,
Graciously calling, and tenderly saving,-
“Turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die?”

Prayers are ascending,
Angels are bending,
Mercy implores you no longer to roam;
Who will befriend you,
Protect and defend you?
None but your Saviour;
O wand’rer, come home.

Wand’rer, look up, and take heed to your footsteps,
Dangers await you, be wise and beware,
Broad is your way, but the path you are treading
Leads to the gate of eternal despair. [Refrain]

Wand’rer, come home, there is room, and a welcome;
Think what a price your redemption has cost:
Think of your Saviour, your wonderful Saviour,-
Oh, how he yearns o’er the wretched and lost. [Refrain]

Come to the arms that will gladly enfold you,
Come and remember He only can save;
Hated, yet loving, despised, yet forgiving,-
Freely his life for your ransom he gave. [Refrain]