Wanderer Come O Come To Jesus

Wand’rer, come, oh, come to Jesus,
Come, and in contrition bow,
Lo! he waits to freely pardon,
Give salvation, here and now,
Wand’rer, come, the feast is ready,
You are an invited guest,
Banquet with the world’s Redeemer,
Calvary’s Hero gives sweet rest.

Wand’rer, come, wand’rer, come,
Jesus lingers, oh, what love!
He is waiting, he is pleading,
He will all your sins forgive.

Wand’rer, come, oh, haste to Jesus,
He’s the refuge in the storm;
Rocks and mountains will not hide you
In the day of dread alarm;
Wand’rer, come, accept the message
Faithful heralds now proclaim;
Christ is passing, venture to him,
He may never pass again.

Wand’rer, come, give all to Jesus,
Come, and find his promise true,
Come confessing, come believing,
He will meet and welcome you;
Wand’rer, come, tho’ sins like scarlet
May your waiting Saviour grieve,
Still he lingers not to pardon,
Come, repent, accept, believe.

Wand’rer, come, you’re still invited,
Jesus spreads his wounded hands,
Let his love constrain you thither;
Faith along his love demands.
Whosoever hears the message
Need not wait, nor backward shrink;
Whosoever will may find him,
Whosoever thirsts may drink.