Wanderer Come To The Only Refuge

Wand’rer, come to the only refuge
Heaven or earth can give to thee;
Come, and trust in a loving Saviour,
Ask of him thy friend to be.

No other refuge when the winds blow,
No other refuge when the dark waves flow;
No other refuge for the soul but he,
Who purchased salvation for the world and thee.

Cast thyself at the feet of Jesus,
Weak and helpless tho’ thou art;
There is joy for a troubled spirit,
Balm to heal thy broken heart. [Refrain]

Dost thou long for the bliss of pardon?
Is thy burden hard to bear?
Look to him who alone can save thee;
He will hear and grant thy prayer. [Refrain]

Take the yoke of the meek and lowly,
Make him now thy welcome guest;
Thou art weary and heavy-laden,-
Come to him and find thy rest. [Refrain]