Wanderer From Jesus Weary Sad And Lone

Wanderer from Jesus, weary, sad, and lone,
Hear him gently calling now for thee;
Hear his precious promise to the erring one,
“I will love you freely; come to me.”

We are coming, loving Savior,
We are coming in our wretchedness and woe;
Oh, receive us!
Oh, relive us!
Do the fullness of thy grace on us bestow.

He will love you freely, your backslidings heal;
he will turn your darkness into day;
Pleasant paths of peace the Spirit will reveal,
He will lead you in the King’s highway. [Chorus]

Wanderer from Jesus, why not now return?
Why in sin and darkness longer stay?
Hasten to the feet of Jesus, there to learn
All about the Life, the Truth, the Way. [Chorus]