Wanderer From Thy Fathers Mansion

Wand’rer from thy Father’s mansion,
Soft as dews at even falling
Hear his gracious Spirit calling,
“Rise and come to me.”

Come, come, come to thy Father,
Thou wilt welcome be;
Come, come, come to thy Father,
Love will welcome thee.

All thy guilt shall be forgiven,
Festal joys his grace will offer,
Ring and robe his hand will proffer,
Rise and seek his face. [Refrain]

There shall be a sound of music,
Chiming sweet with angels’ voices;
Ev’ry harp in heav’n rejoices
When the lost is found. [Refrain]

Send, O send the joyful tidings
To thy Father’s heart of yearning;
Say, with footsteps homeward turning,
“I will rise and go.” [Refrain]