Wanderer Jesus Is Calling

Wanderer, Jesus is calling,
Lovingly calling you home,
Whispering soft to your spirit,
Tenderly bidding you come.
Turn from the world and its folly,
Come to your Saviour today;
Listen while Jesus is calling,
Lest you should grieve Him away.

Wanderer, come,-Christ calls you home,-
Listen today,-don’t grieve Him away!

Wanderer, Jesus is calling,
Patiently calling you now,
You can accept Him this moment,
Here at His feet you may bow.
Long has His mercy been waiting,
Waiting your heart to receive,
Jesus is willing to bless you,-
Wanderer, come and believe! [Refrain]

Wanderer, Jesus is calling,-
Why should you linger and wait?
Listen today to the message,-
Answer before ’tis too late!
Swiftly the moments are passing,
Now is the time to decide;
What will you say to your Saviour?
For your salvation He died! [Refrain]