Wandering In The Path Of Sin

Wandering in the path of sin,
Heart impure and doubts within,
Groping, stumbling all the way,
Darkness filling all my day.

Grace so wondrous, grace so free,
Is the grace of God to me;
Grace abundant, more and more, more and more,
Till I reach the other shore.

Then I heard my Saviour, say,
“Follow Me; I am the Way;
I will cleanse away your sin,
I will make you pure within.” [Chorus]

Then I gave him all my soul,
And he blessed and made me whole;
His blest Spirit came to me,
Making me so glad and free. [Chorus]

So with thee the way along,
I will follow, and be strong;
Keep me by thy matchless grace,
Till I see thee face to face. [Chorus]

Bring me to that happy shore,
Where the saved will sin no more;
I will all thy praise prolong
In the everlasting song. [Chorus]