Wanted Hearts Baptized With Fire

Wanted: hearts baptized with fire,
Hearts completely cleansed from sin;
Hearts that will go to the mire,
Hearts that dare do aught for Him;
Hearts that will be firmer, braver,
Hearts like heroes gone before;
Hearts enjoying God’s full favor,
Hearts to love Him more and more.

Hearts to hoist the colors bravely,
Hearts to share the hardest fight;
Hearts that know their duty clearly,
Hearts to dare and do the right.

Wanted: hearts that beat true ever,
Hearts that can for others feel;
Hearts that prove the traitor never,
Hearts that will the wounded heal;
Hearts o’erflowing with compassion,
Hearts renewed by grace divine;
Hearts aglow with full salvation,
Hearts to say: “Thy will, not mine!”

Wanted: hearts to love the masses,
Hearts to help Him seek the lost;
Hearts to help Him save all classes,
Hearts to help Him save the worst;
Hearts to share with Him the weeping,
Hearts to bear with Him the cross;
Hearts to help Him with the reaping,
Hearts to trust through gain or loss.

Wanted: hearts like Thine, Lord, holy,
Hearts that in Thine image shine;
Hearts that turn from sin and folly,
Hearts to know no way but Thine;
Hearts that unto Thee are given,
Hearts possessed with dying love;
Hearts on earth but filled with Heaven,
Hearts inspired from above.