Wanted Wanted Loyal Hearts Are Wanted

Wanted, wanted, loyal hearts are wanted,
Faithful in the service of our Lord and King;
Hearts with true love burning,
Hearts o’er sinners yearning,
Seeking evermore the lost ones back to bring.

Out into the harvest field and labor while you may,
Out into the harvest field, work while ’tis call’d today;
Ye loyal hearts and true, and lab’rers not a few,
Wanted, wanted, the Lord hath need of you.

Wanted, wanted, tongues of fire are wanted,
Consecrated lips with Pentecost aflame;
Free to tell the story
Of His pow’r and glory,
Glad to go a full salvation to proclaim. [Chorus]

Wanted, wanted, helping hands are wanted,
Willing hands to labor any time or where;
Fields with harvest bending,
God His reapers sending,
Who will go the precious golden sheaves to bear? [Chorus]

Wanted, wanted, holy lives are wanted,
Showing unto sinners Jesus’ pow’r to save;
Freed from condemnation,
Kept by His salvation,
Spent in service here the lives He freely gave. [Chorus]