Was It For Me For Me Alone

Was it for me, for me alone,
The Saviour left His glorious throne;
The dazzling splendours of the sky,
Was it for me He came to die?

It was for me, yes, all for me,
O love of God, so great so free!
O wondrous love, I’ll shout and sing,
He died for me, my Lord and King!

Was it for me sweet angel strains
Came floating o’er Judea’s plains?
That starlight night so long ago,
Was it for me God plann’d it so? [Refrain]

Was it for me the Saviour said,
‘Pillow thy weary, aching head,
Trustingly on thy Saviour’s breast?’
Was it for me, Can I thus rest? [Refrain]

Was it for me He wept and pray’d,
My load of sin before Him laid;
That night within Gethsemane,
Was it for me that agony? [Refrain]

Was it for me He bow’d His head
Upon the Cross, and freely shed
His precious blood-that crimson tide,
Was it for me the Saviour died? [Refrain]