Watch With Me The Master Said

“Watch with Me,” The Master said,
And the night around Him fell,
While the snares of sin and hell,
On His awful path were spread.

But they slumbered while He prayed;-
They who were His constant care,
Heard no echo of His prayer,
When His soul was sore dismayed.

Then He held the cup of woe,
And the prayer to God was made,-
Thrice in agony He prayed,
That He might the draught forego.

But the will of God was done,
In the garden, on that night,
And He rose in all the might
Of the well-beloved Son.

Ah, my soul, thy Lord behold,-
Wake from slumber, hear Him pray,
All thy griefs are borne away,
By His agony, untold.

And the strength of God is thine
When the will of God is done
In obedience, as a son,
Conscious of a love divine.

Hymns from the Morningland,