Watchers On The Towers

Watchers on the tow’rs of Zion,
Souls are dying far away,
Blow the trumpet of the Gospel,
Sound the rally call today,
Bright the sunlight gleams above you,
Strong of heart, of purpose true,
Ye who bear the name of Jesus,
Onward, there is work to do!

Praise the Lord! ye saints and angels,
His kingdom draweth nigh;
Hallelujah! sing rejoicing,
The King of glory reigns on high.

Speed the message, time is flying,
Let each hill and valley glow
With the signal lights of heaven,
Shining thro’ the gloom below;
Pass the word of hope and blessing,
Wait not till the night is near,
Free the captives from their fetters,
Save the soul to Christ so dear. [Refrain]

Forward! lift the cross rejoicing,
Tho’ it leads to Calvary,
Hear the Master gently calling,
“Who will my disciples be?”
Swell the hallelujah chorus,
Let it ring from shore to shore,
Till the nations cry exulting-
We are saved forevermore! [Refrain]