Watchman From The Height Beholding

Watchman from the height beholding,
Look towards the eastern sky;
Is the light of heaven unfolding?
Comes the shining angel nigh,

Telling to our lost creation
Christ hath risen for our salvation?

Yea, He came to earth to save us;
As a lamb the Christ was slain;
For our Passover He gave us
His own flesh in direst pain;
On a Cross of anguish dying,
Very God, our need supplying.

Watchman, from the height beholding,
Comes the angel through the gloom,
Ere the morning light unfolding
Fills the darkness of the tomb?
Comes the angel through our sadness,
Waking souls of men to gladness?

See! the gates of hades shaken;
Burst asunder is the prison;
Souls of men from bondage taken,
Praise the Lord from death arisen;
Praise the Resurrection morning,
All our life with hope adorning.