Watchman Is The Darkness Waning

Watchman, is the darkness waning?
Watchman, is the morning near?
Oft we count the hours remaining
Till the glorious dawn appear;
Till the dark today be bidden
And the stars’ faint gleams be hidden;
Till the sun-beams warm and bright,
Flood the vales and hills with light.

God of power and might unbounded,
Lo, we stand in strange surprise,
By Thy glorious deeds confounded:
Yea, ’tis marv’lous in our eyes.
Many a soul to Thee Thou sealest;
Many an open door revealest;
Many a pledge dost give, and sign
That the heathen shall be Thine.

On Thy little troop is pressing
To the farthest hostile shore;
On they go, the land possessing;
On Thy banner goes before.
E’en when ope is long debating,
Open doors are waiting, waiting;
Where our feeble feet are slow,
Swiftly Thine to vict’ry go.

Hindered ever, even halted,
Often hardnesses we bear;
But from heights serene, exalted,
Soon Thy hand works ev’rywhere.
Thy great deeds with wonder viewing,
We have yet short time for doing;
Lead us, Lord; we should not stay
When Thine arm prepares the way.

Led by Thee, though few and feeble,
Blessings round our path shall throng;
When Thy streams refresh Thy people
Desert lands will bloom ere long.
Nations to Thy gates are flowing;
Ev’rywhere the sound of going;
Filled with joy Thy light to see,
Lo, the Gentiles come to Thee.