Wave New Glory Conquering Flag Of Love

Wave “New Glory,” conq’ring flag of love,
Swift unfurl it to the skies above,
Forward Christians! in God’s truth arrayed,
Gladly march beneath it in the world crusade.

Forward, forward, bear the flag unfurled,
Onward marching through the whole wide world;
Wave “New Glory,” banner of His love,
Claiming every heart for God above,
Claiming every heart for God above,
Claiming, claiming every heart for God above.

Lift His banner, Christ shall win the field,
Where the cross moves on the foe must yield,
Thrones and kingdoms soon it will unite
In a mighty army, for the good and right. [Refrain]

Wave “New Glory,” to the ends of earth,
Claiming captives for a heav’nly birth,
Glad redemption unto all it brings,
Emblem of the crowning of the King of Kings. [Refrain]