Wave The Banner Of Jesus The King

Wave the banner of Jesus, the King, today,
Send the message of grace over life’s highway;
Tell the lost of God’s eternal love,
Tell them of the home prepared above.

Wave the royal banner, onward move;
To your Lord and Master faithful prove;
The whole wide world for Jesus must be taken!
He is the Savior, Lord and only King!
Who follow in His train are not forsaken-
The victor’s song at last they sing.

Wave the banner of Jesus, nor be it furled
Till His kingdom extends over all the world;
Till the high and low, redeemed by grace,
Shall extol His name in ev’ry place. [Refrain]

Wave the banner of Jesus, nor hesitate;
If you linger the message may be too late!
O how quickly time is passing on,
And the harvest days will soon be gone. [Refrain]