Wave The Banner Of The Cross

Wave the banner of the cross,
Charge the foe with one accord;
For we fight beneath the Captain
Of the armies of the Lord.

Forward go, charge the foe,
Any hardships undergo,
For the Captain, whom we follow, leads to vict’ry.
March along, with a song,
Praising God that we belong
To the armies of Jehovah, mighty Victor!
Forward go, forward go,
For the Captain of our hosts is the Saviour.

Nerve fortify the soul,
From the storehouse of the Word;
Be no coward, nor a weakling,
In the armies of the Lord. [Chorus]

Cast aside each weight and sin,
For no soldier can afford
To have any evil habit,
In the armies of the Lord. [Chorus]

Angels, watching from above,
Ev’ry worthy deed record;
What is done by faithful soldiers
In the armies of the Lord. [Chorus]