Waves Of Care And Trouble

Waves of care and trouble may my life assail,
They may crowd upon me, yet never shall prevail;
For I love my Saviour and trust in Him alone,
And keep the wires connected with the heav’nly throne.

Keep the wires connected and the pow’r will come,
Pray’r thro’ broken wires can never reach the throne;
Live for Christ and life will be a triumph song,
Keep the wires connected all the whole day long.

If my life is given o’er to Christ’s control,
And the heav’nly fire is burning in my soul;
All the wires connected and strong in faith and love,
Then God will send the power from His throne above. [Refrain]

Flowing like a river, I have peace and joy,
Petty cares and trials, cannot my soul annoy;
For I hear this message from God’s eternal throne,
“My grace shall be sufficient,” Thou shalt overcome. [Refrain]