Wayworn And Weary One Burdened With Care

Wayworn and weary one, burdened with care,
Jesus stands ready thy burden to share,
Turn from thy earth cares, look up to the skies,
Learn of the birds, “Consider the lilies.”

Consider the lilies, how they do grow,
They toil not, they reap not, nor do they spin,
With glory without and glory within,
Anxious heart, look, “Consider the lilies.”

Careworn and anxious, who thinkest of bread,
Look unto Jesus and thou wilt be fed;
He the wild ravens feeds, where’er he flies,
Thou shalt not want, “Consider the lilies.” [Refrain]

Footsore and weary one, dying to drink,
From some bright sparkling fount; dost thou not think
That show’rs of blessings, God’s mercies to these,
Are over all, “Consider the lilies.” [Refrain]

Shivering, naked one, out in the cold,
Jesus is calling, come back to the fold;
He’ll house thee, clothe thee, he’ll not let thee freeze,
Raiment thou’lt have, “Consider the lilies.” [Refrain]

Weary one, hungry one, thirsty and bare,
Why art thou anxious, why laden with care?
Look to the flowers, thou’rt better than these,
God tendeth them, “Consider the lilies.” [Refrain]